Greek referendum

French reaction to Greek 'no' in bailout referendum


French president François Hollande is to meet German chancellor Angela Merkel in Paris on Monday in a crucial meeting a day after the Greek people voted massively to reject the terms of the latest bailout terms for Greece. Official reaction from the French government to the unexpectedly clear-cut nature of the 'no' vote in Greece, where more than 60% of those who voted backed the stance of prime minister Alexis Tsipras and the Syriza government, was muted. But many politicians on the Left in France – and some on the far-right too – greeted the news as a victory for democracy over EU and IMF-imposed austerity. Mediapart reports on the reaction in France to the Greek referendum vote.

Hollande and Merkel to meet to discuss Greek referendum outcome

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Monday meeting at the Elysée, announced shortly after polls closed in Greece, comes after apparent Franco-German differences on the issue.