greenhouse gas emissions

French supermarket chains fail Climate Action study


The food chain in France, from production to plate, is officially estimated to account for around 22% of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions, while supermarkets are estimated to account for about 70% of all food purchases. Réseau Climat Action (RCA), the French branch of the Climate Action Network, the umbrella group for hundreds of environmental protection NGOs, has completed a study of the practices of the major supermarket chains with regard to their contribution to gas emissions, and efforts to reduce them, and this month published its damning findings. Jade Bourgery reports.

Figures that show just how much France's billionaires are heating the planet


According to a study by environmental campaign group Greenpeace and Oxfam France, France's 63 billionaires alone have a carbon footprint that is equivalent to that of half the French population. This enormous disparity between the climatic impact of the mega-rich and ordinary households shows that it is impossible to have ecological transition in society without also having social justice, reports Mickaël Correia.