Greenhouse gases

The dirty side of sea travel

International — Investigation

The expanding cruise ship industry estimates more than 27 million people worldwide will this year holiday on the giant vessels, some of which are longer than an aircraft carrier, often dwarfing the landscapes of the ports they dock in. Environmentalists warn that they also leave behind them a noxious blend of particulates and gases that represent a serious health risk to the populations of the locations they visit, the tip of the iceberg of the problem of pollution caused by maritime traffic. Dorothée Moisan reports on the dirty side of sea travel.

In search of the lost global warming debate

International — Analysis

The political fallout from Fukushima and the deepening financial crisis appear to have eclipsed concern about climate change, relegating greenhouse gas emissions to a dangerous back burner. Bucking the trend are two books just published in France that put carbon and climate issues back into the sun. One argues against our "carbocentric" age and its blinkered technocratic take on the depletion of natural resources at the expense of social equality, while the other likens fossil fuels to 'energy slaves', abused and depleted with disastrous future consequences. Jade Lindgaard reviews two conflicting, compelling and ultimately complimentary works.