French court upholds burkini ban

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Last month, Grenoble authorised all swimwear, including burkinis, sparking a legal battle with the government but the south-eastern city has now lost its appeal. 

French court scraps rule allowing burkinis in city's swimming pools

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French interior minister Gérald Darmanin said that allowing burkinis in Grenoble's municipal pools was undermining secularism.

French city votes to allow ‘burkini’ in swimming pools

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The all-in-one swimsuit worn by Muslim women is no stranger to controversy in France.

Row over French mayor's push to allow burkinis in swimming pools

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The mayor of Grenoble in south-east France is to ask his city council to vote this month on his proposition to ease dress restrictions in municipal swimming pools, and notably the current ban on the wearing of burkinis, a move that the conservative president of the wider regional council described as 'submitting to Islamism' while threatening to cut grants to the city.

Bars to shut in four more French cities with alert level raised

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The measures were announced as France saw a near-record 18,129 new cases.

Onlookers catch two children who jump to escape fire in France

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A toddler and his 10-year-old sibling leapt from a window of an apartment block in Grenoble as black smoke billowed from their home.

How elections debunked myth that France is lurching to the Right

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The fact that a party that did not even exist just over a year ago has just won an absolute majority in the French National Assembly has inevitably excited surprise among commentators. But, argues Hubert Huertas, one remarkable aspect of the recent presidential and legislative votes has largely gone unnoticed: the death of the notion that French society was on some inevitable path towards the far right. This theory, which was enthusiastically adopted by Nicolas Sarkozy and exemplified by the Front National, has been comprehensively demolished, he says.

French city introduces 'short story' vending machines

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Grenoble joins with publishing house Short Édition to offer transport users five-minute, paper-printed literary reads via public vending machines.

Man beheaded in France and Islamist flag found in 'terror' attack on factory

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There are also reports of explosion at gas factory near Grenoble, east France, and of more victims, as one man arrested claims 'Isis' link.

Second French patient admitted to hospital with suspected Ebola in a week

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According to French media the 20-year-old had been to the Congo and Sierra Leone, areas devastated by the deadly virus over the past year.

Schumacher’s helmet camera given to French investigators

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French experts investigating the accident that left the Formula One legend with serious head injuries hope footage will explain how it happened.

Schumacher battles for life after French ski fall

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Doctors say they are working around the clock to save life of Formula One racing legend who is now in 'critical condition' after fall in French Alps.

Five die in plane crash near Grenoble

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Five people died after a light aircraft in which they were travelling crashed into woodland near the city of Grenoble in south-eastern France.

French police arrest Grenoble lynch mob suspects

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Brutal killing of two students sparked outrage in France and prompted President Francois Hollande to visit the families of the dead young men.

French schools' study tackles discrimination taboo


The French Republican mantra of Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité has arguably cast a veil over prejudice and discrimination in some of the country’s institutions because of a widespread belief that if equality has been decreed, it must exist. But now, an unusual grass-roots study is being run in five schools in the city of Grenoble, southern France, to investigate evidence that children from families of non-French ethnic origin are, against their will, guided to a future professional life that offers fewer opportunities than for others. Lucie Delaporte reports on a taboo subject that has divided experts and evaded proper public debate.