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French PM insists France refuses Greek exit from eurozone

Manuel Valls told French parliament said keeping Greece in euro and EU "is something of the utmost geostrategic and geopolitical importance".

Eurozone 'cannot risk Greek exit' says French PM

Hours before a key summit meeting in Brussels, Manuel Valls said there could be 'no taboo subject' in talks to keep Greece within the eurozone.

Greek crisis exposes French-German divisions

French president François Hollande calls for Greek deal now while Germans say there can be no agreement before Sunday's referendum.

French president says just 'a few hours left' for Greek deal

François Hollande made a last-minute appeal to the Greek government to return to the discussions and negotiate an agreement.

French PM says European bank cannot 'cut off lifeline' to Greece

Manuel Valls stressed that the ECB is independent but added: 'It's the Greek nation that is suffering.'

Greece is not leaving the euro zone says French minister

Finance minister Michel Sapin insisted there would be no 'Grexit' despite collapse of latest talks and a referendum in Greece.