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From Guinea to Bayonne: the long journey of two youths seeking France's protection


Authorities in the French city of Bayonne are struggling to cope with the number of migrants coming from across the nearby Spanish border. Mediapart met Joseph and Moriba, 'blood  brothers' who are seeking France's protection after nearly dying at sea crossing to Europe from Morocco. After a legal battle, Joseph has now been recognised as a minor by the French courts while Moriba's request will be heard on appeal shortly. Mathilde Mathieu reports.

Why French tycoon Vincent Bolloré faces probe over African business practices

Vincent Bolloré with President Nicolas Sarkozy in March 2008. © Reuters Vincent Bolloré with President Nicolas Sarkozy in March 2008. © Reuters

The French businessman Vincent Bolloré has been placed under formal investigation over the alleged corruption of foreign public officials and complicity in corruption. The probe into the well-connected businessman, who has amassed much of his fortune through his dealings in Africa, relates to how one of its companies won the concessions to run the ports at Lomé in Togo and Conakry in Guinea, and the use of his communications firm in the electoral campaigns of African leaders. Martine Orange gives the background to the allegations.

French customs seize around 2,000 Vietnam-bound seahorses

The dead fish, an endangered species, were seized near Paris in parcels sent from Guinea and bound for Hanoi probably for sale as so-called aphrodisiacs.

Hollande pays visit to Ebola-hit Guinea

The French President is the first Western leader to visit Guinea, where more than 1,200 have died from the disease since the March outbreak.

French minister ‘first from Europe’ to visit Africa’s Ebola-hit region

Development secretary Annick Girardin is in Guinean capital Conakry to visit Ebola units and discuss France's role in halting epidemic.

Air France pilots want opt out on flying to Ebola-hit countries

Unions say management has promised no action will be taken against pilots or cabin crew not wishing to fly to affected regions.

France warns against travel to countries with Ebola

Foreign ministry says trips to four countries hit by Ebola fever outbreak - Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Nigeria - should be put on hold.

France on Ebola alert

Medical services in France are put 'on alert' over the deadly disease that is sweeping Guinea, a former French West African colony.