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US trio who stopped Amsterdam-Paris train attack play selves in movie

Three young American men Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos and Spencer Stone who overpowered a 25-year-old Moroccan national armed with an assault rifle on a Paris-bound Thalys high-speed train in August 2015 have been cast by Clint Eastwood to play themselves in a film about the events.

Three wounded in shooting in Lille

Police said they believed a gangland dispute was behind the wounding of three people, including a teenager, outside an underground railway station in Lille, north-east France, by one or more assailants who fled the scene.

Czech coach attacked by gunman on S-E France motorway

Six of the 75 Czech tourists on the coach were wounded when two shots from a hunting rifle for unknown reasons smashed the vehicle's windows.

Police arrest gunman near scene of central Paris attacks in November

No-one was reported wounded when the gunman, who police said appeared to be drunk, fired shots near the Rue du Faubourg du Temple.

Train attack saviours give press conference in Paris

Three US passengers who disarmed Thalys gunman said survival instinct drove them, that assailant appeared untrained and events felt 'very unreal'.

Amsterdam-Paris train gunman 'is known Islamist who travelled to Syria'

Arrested gunman's given identity is that of a 26-year-old Moroccan known to Spanish, French authorities for links to radical Islamist movement.

Hollande tribute to Americans who overpowered train gunman

The three young men, two of whom are servicemen, restrained the gunman who had begun shooting in a carriage of the train carrying 554 passengers.

Gun attack on Amsterdam-Paris high-speed train 'thwarted by US passengers'

Three people were wounded, one seriously, after a man with Kalashnikov, pistol and knife was overpowered and arrested on the Thalys train in France.

Muslim hero of Paris Jewish store hostage crisis awarded French nationality

The practising Muslim from Mali said his actions were those that any human should take for others facing threats from a common enemy.

French provocateur Dieudonné arrested over Facebook post for gunman

Dieudonné, previously convicted for inciting anti-Semitism, posted support for gunman who last week murdered four in a Paris kosher store.

Muslim employee praised for hiding customers from Paris supermarket gunman

Lassana Bathily ushered about 15 people into basement room and turned off power and lights after the gunman burst into kosher supermarket.

Police find Paris gunman's DNA, issue clearer photo of suspect

Police searching a lone gunman who raided two media offices, leaving one man seriously wounded, issue full-face photo of the suspect. 

Gunman attacks French newspaper and bank offices

Paris manhunt launched after a photographer was seriously wounded in attacks on daily Libération and the Societe Generale bank HQ.

Alps murder: DNA found at scene 'could be that of killer'

Breakthrough comes more than seven months after members of a British family were gunned down in an isolated beauty spot close to Lake Annecy.

Hostage-taking gunman captured after Toulouse bank siege

A man claiming to be an al Qaeda militant held four people hostage in a bank in Toulouse, where gunman Mohamed Merah killed seven in March.