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Huge anti-Macron hack linked to 'Russian' group in US election attack

Experts from US- and Japan-based cybersecurity firms have suggested that the massive pre-election hacking of documents from French president-elect Emmanuel Macron's campaign team, and which were posted online with reportedly fake contents, was the work of groups reportedly affiliated to Russian military intelligence.

French broadcaster TV5Monde almost destroyed by 'Russian hackers'

The global TV channel came close to total destruction in a 2015 cyber attack that French investigators now believe was the work of Russian hackers hiding behind the name of Cyber Caliphate, the broadcaster's director-general says.

Islamic State hackers knock out French TV network

All 11 channels of French international TV network TV5Monde, plus its website and social media pages were brought down by the cyberattack.

Le Monde says Syrian Electronic Army behind hack attack

The French daily said an attack on its Twitter account and website on Wednesday was the work of a hacker supporting the Damas regime.

France's Orange hit by its second cyberattack this year

The French telecommunications giant says hackers stole data on about 1.3 million clients or potential customers in last month's attack.

US denies report it hacked Sarkozy computers

The United States has 'categorically' denied press reports that it was involved in hacking computers in the offices of former French president.