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Trump sets new record-length handshake with Macron

In the final moments before his two-day visit to France ended, US President Donald Trump, known for his peculiar virile handshakes, shook and held French President Emmanuel Macron's hand for 25 seconds, latterly also joining hands with Macron's wife, in what some commentators called 'a Mr Bean moment'.

Macron says white-knuckle handshake with Trump 'not innocent'

French President Emmanuel Macron interviewed in French weekly JDD said the widely commented handshake duel with his US counterpart Donald Trump, when the two met for the first time last week in Brussels, was 'a moment of truth' with a man he said was, along with Russian President Vladidmir Putin and Turkish leader Recep Erdoğan, 'in a logic of relations of power'.

Kuckles white, jaws clenched: Macron wins Trump handshake battle

The US president, who has raised eyebrows with his sometimes peculiarly vigorous handshaking of world leaders, appeared to meet his match during his first meeting with French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, when he was first to give way in a gripping contest of white knuckles and clenched fingers.

Did Nicolas Sarkozy snub David Cameron's handshake at EU treaty summit?

The Daily Telegraph asks whether French President Nicolas Sarkozy really did snub a handshake with UK Prime Minister David Cameron in Brussels.