Hassan Iquioussen

Imam disappears after France's Council of State validates his expulsion


France’s Council of State has ruled against a lower court’s suspension of an expulsion order against imam Hassan Iquioussen for propagating anti-Semitism and misogyny and being an apologist for terrorism. Immediately after the ruling, which capped a month-long legal battle, police were sent to arrest Iquioussen at his home in north-east France but the 58-year-old imam had already disappeared. Camille Polloni reports.

When French interior minister dined with anti-Semitic imam he now wants to expel

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In a legal battle that began in July, France’s Council of State is to rule early next week on the legality of interior minister Gérald Darmanin’s order for the expulsion to Morocco of imam Hassan Iquioussen, accused of promoting anti-Semitism and opposition to gender equality, and acting as an apologist for terrorism. Mediapart can reveal that the high-profile, hardline interior minister in fact once enjoyed cordial relations with the imam when he sought to woo Muslim voters while campaigning for election as mayor of the town of Tourcoing, and when Iquioussen’s anti-Semitic diatribes were already known. Lou Syrah reports.

French interior minister ups legal battle to expel imam

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French interior minister Gérald Darmanin, whose move to expel imam Hassan Iquioussen, who he accuses of anti-Semitism, opposing gender equality and acting as an apologist for terrorism, was thwarted by a Paris administrative court, has now taken the case before the Council of State, France’s highest administrative court.