Hassan Rouhani

Macron cautious on Trump-Rouhani meeting at UN summit

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French president tells reporters en route to New York: 'We need to be clear-eyed.'

Macron asks Iran to show restraint as minister's visit postponed

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French president has expressed his concern to Iranian president Hassan Rouhani over number of casualties in six days of protests.

France welcomes Iran's president — and his cheque book

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Deal marking French automaker Peugeot's return to Iran anounced, as Iranian president's visit overcomes lunchtime wine menu disagreement.

Iranian president in Paris for deals bonanza

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Hassan Rouhani will on Thursday agree a host of commercial deals and signal Iran's intention to buy 114 Airbus passenger planes.

Rouhani due in Paris as Iran drums up business with French

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Iranian president Hassan Rouhani expected to secure valuable trade deals following lifting of sanctions over Iran's nuclear programme.

Wine row cancels official dinner during Iranian president's visit to Paris

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Elysée Palace refuses Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s demand that no alcohol be present during dinner, and suggests breakfast instead.

France joins scramble for Iranian trade bonanza

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The ink on the Iran nuclear deal is barely dry and no one is even yet sure if it will hold. But already France has joined other countries in the hunt for lucrative business deals with the oil-rich state and its market of 80 million inhabitants. But as René Backmann reports, there are potential pitfalls to overcome before French firms can hit the Iranian jackpot.

French foreign minister visits Tehran, invites Iran's president to Paris

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Laurent Fabius passes on an invitation from President François Hollande for Iran's head of state Hassan Rouhani to visit France in November.