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French heatwave due to drop after five days of soaring temperatures

Stifling temperatures reaching 38° Celsius that have kept most of France sizzling over the past week, with extreme heat arriving from North Africa and Spain, are due to begin falling on Sunday.

French wine production set to fall from effects of heatwave

Burgundy and Beaujolais regions notably face partial evaporation of annual production as unusually high temperatures are shrinking grapes.

Paris parks stay open to cool off as France swelters in heatwave

Five major Paris parks remained open on Thursday night and Friday night as hot spell looks set to last into next week.

France takes steps to avoid repeat of deadly 2003 heatwave

France's national weather service put 47 areas on Orange alert and government implemented health measures as hot spell looks set to last.

Heatwave to hit France this week

Temperatures are expected to exceed 40 degrees Celsius as France swelters under hottest late June- early July heatwave for 60 years.

France on alert as heatwave tops 40° celsius

As temperatures hit more than 40°C in parts of southern France, officials mindful of the deadly 2003 heatwave toll issue public health warnings.