Luxury firm Hermès overwhelmed by demand for pricey handbags

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While stock markets soar, making the world’s wealthy even richer, French luxury brand Hermès says it is to open three new factories to meet demand for its pricey handbags, like the so-called 'Birkin bag', and has opened a leather-working school to train more craftspeople to make them.  

Senior French civil servant faces probe over luxury goods firm LVMH 'spying' affair

France — Investigation

Pierre Lieutaud, a prefect, works in a senior role at the Ministry of the Interior and has a long background in French intelligence. Mediapart has discovered that this top-level public servant has been formally placed under investigation in the case involving alleged “spying” by the luxury goods group LVMH. Fabrice Arfi reports.

Hermès and LVMH 'handbag war' escalates

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The two high-profile luxury brands come before French stock-market regulator in dispute over Bernard Arnault's stake in Hermès.

Luxury goods maker Hermes cannot meet rising demand

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Proof that some escape the economic crisis comes from luxury goods maker Hermes, building extra factories because it cannot meet rising demand.