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Algerian army discovers beheaded French hostage's body

Algerian security sources say the body of Hervé Gourdel was found in Akbil, close to where he was kidnapped by Islamists in September 2014.

Algerian forces 'kill' leader of Islamists who beheaded French tourist

The Algerian government said Abdelmalek Gouri, head of the group which executed Hervé Gourdel in September, was killed by special forces.

Algerian forces 'kill' one of beheaded French hostage's abductors

The Algerian justice minister claimed a militant involved in the September abduction of French tourist Hervé Gourdel was killed last month.

Algeria claims five jihadists killed in hunt for French tourist’s executioners

Soldiers killed the five gunmen during hunt for the killers of French tourist Hervé Gourdel who was beheaded in Algeria last month.

Islamic State's battle with al-Qaeda for jihadist hearts and minds


The brutal execution of French climber Hervé Gourdel by a little-known terrorist group in Algeria has thrown the spotlight on attempts by Islamic State (IS) to extend its network of influence across North Africa and beyond. The Algerian group Jund al-Khilafa kidnapped and beheaded the French mountaineer as a gruesome and public sign of allegiance to the Iraq and Syria-based group. But so far Islamic State has failed to win the allegiance of any other group in Africa as it competes with al-Qaeda for dominance among the jihadist groups of the world. As Pierre Puchot reports, its attempt to be the global leader in jihadism may depend on lasting control of Iraqi oil wealth.

Algeria 'identifies suspects' behind Frenchman’s beheading

Algeria's justice minister says initial investigation has identified 'certain members' of terror group who murdered Hervé Gourdel.

Thousands turn out in Nice in homage to executed French hostage

The rally in the hometown of the hostage beheaded by Algerian Islamists, came as flags were lowered to halfmast across France in mourning.

French Muslims protest beheading of French hostage

French Muslims held demonstrations in Paris and other cities on Friday to protest the execution of Hervé Gourdel by Algerian Islamists.

French Muslim leaders call for protest at French hostage execution

The President of the French Council of Muslim Faith has called for a mass protest on Friday over the beheading by jihadists of Hervé Gourdel.