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French police arrest 21 people over suspected horsemeat scam

Veterinarians and other meat industry workers are suspected of selling for human consumption meat from horses used for medical research.

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French police arrest eight in horse meat probe - prosecutors

Managers of former meat processing firm Spanghero detained for questioning as authorities continue inquiry into the mislabeling of beef as horse.

French tests find one in eight beef products contain horsemeat

In an EU-wide survey using DNA tests, France found more cases of the presence of illegal horsemeat in beef products than any other country.

Scandal brings surprise revival for horsemeat in France

The rumpus in Europe over horsemeat sold as beef is bringing a bonanza for France's 700 surviving horse butchers.

Horsemeat scandal: France blames processor Spanghero

The French meat processing company knowingly sold horsemeat labelled as beef, says French government, and its licence is being suspended.

Horsemeat scandal: France summons meat industry chiefs

Producers, food processors, distributers, supermarkets and representatives from the food industry meet to discuss growing scandal.

French retailers pull frozen ready-made beef-labelled packs

Six major French retailers are recalling beef-based frozen meals after the discovery of horsemeat in Findus frozen lasagne dishes.