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Family divided as French medics end life of man in vegetative state

A French hospital has begun the process of ending life support for Vincent Lambert, 42, who suffered severe brain damage after a traffic accident in 2008, with the agreement of his wife and several siblings but to the dismay of his parents who have fought a lengthy but unsuccessful legal battle against the decision.

Libyan strongman Haftar to leave Paris hospital 'within a few days'

A spokesman, for Khalifa Haftar, whose Libyan National Army controls much of eastern Libya and who press reports last week said was in a coma after suffering a stroke, claimed on Twitter on Friday that he had visited a Paris hospital 'for normal checkups' and would 'be back in Libya within few days'.

How the UK's poorly health service quietly outsources to France

Britain's struggling National Health Service, which pro-Brexit leaders misleadingly promised would recieve a windfall from the country's exit from the EU, is discreetly sending patients on lengthy waiting lists for far quicker treatment in France, like this Brexit supporter who, facing a year to have knee surgery, found relief in just ten days.

French media on alert as Chirac remains hospitalised

The charismatic former president’s declining health continues to dominate French front pages a week after being admitted for a lung infection.

Former French President Jacques Chirac hospitalised

Chirac, 83, who served two terms as French president and who suffered a stroke in 2005, had felt weak for several days, his daughter said.

First drug 'shooting gallery' to open in French hospital despite protests

Drug consumption facilities with clean needles and staffed with counsellors and health workers to open at Lariboisière hospital in Paris.

Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika 'back in French hospital'

Algerian and French media reported that Bouteflika, who was last year treated for a stroke in France, returned for care on Tuesday.

Algeria's Bouteflika flies home after 'checkup' in France

Ailing Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika on Saturday left a Grenoble clinic where he was admitted Thursday, officially for 'a checkup'.

UN Ebola patient being treated in French hospital

The patient, who contracted Ebola while working to combat the epidemic in Sierra Leone, has been placed in isolation in a military hospital.

French surgeons implant second artificial heart

Latest operation took place amid high secrecy in Nantes eight months after first heart was implanted in a patient who died 75 days later.

Former French president Chirac released from hospital

The ex-head of state had earlier been admitted to the American Hospital in Paris for what is believed to have been a severe attack of gout.

François Hollande's partner Valérie Trierweiler leaves hospital

Trierweiler, hospitalised amid reports of the French president's affair with an actress, is resting at a presidential residence in Versailles.

Valérie Trierweiler hospitalised after learning of Hollande 'affair' claims

French First Lady's office says she was admitted to hospital on Friday - after magazine's revelation -  to 'get some rest and have tests done'.

France recalls nutrient bags that killed 3 newborns in December

Several unused IV nutrient bags from the same batch given to the newborns who died were found to have traces of bacteria, says hospital.

France confirms new case of deadly SARs-like virus

A second person has become infected with the new deadly SARs-like coronavirus after sharing a hospital room with country’s first sufferer.