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Hostage-taker in French town Le Havre surrenders to police

A man reported to be aged 34 and carrying a handgun who on Thursday took six people hostage in a bank in the northern French port town of Le Havre, where former prime minister Édouard Philippe is mayor, surrendered hours later to police and released his captives apparently unharmed.

Hostage-taking in SW France ends in arrest without bloodshed

A teenager armed with a gun who took several women hostage in a tobaconnist's store in his home town of Blagnac, near Toulouse in south-west France on Tuesday, in an attack for which the motive remains unclear, gave himself up to police close to midnight after earlier releasing his captives.

'Gunman' takes several hostage in shop in Blagnac in S-W France

Six hostages are being held by a gunman in a tobacconist's store in Blagnac, close to Toulouse in south-west France, local media report, and has threatened to kill one of his captives while demanding to negotiate unknown terms with police.

Man arrested after four-hour Paris hostage siege

The motives of a 26-year-old Moroccan man arrested after taking staff at a PR agency in central Paris hostage during a four-hour siege which ended without bloodshed when police stormed the building remained unclear Monday evening, according to official sources.

Teenager arrested over Paris 'terrorist attack' hoax

A 16-year-old boy was detained on suspicion of taking part in a false alert of a hostage-taking in a church in Le Marais district of Paris on Saturday, which led to a major anti-terrorist police operation.

Muslim hero of Paris Jewish store hostage crisis awarded French nationality

The practising Muslim from Mali said his actions were those that any human should take for others facing threats from a common enemy.