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Blaze postpones opening of revamped Paris Ritz hotel

The cause of the fire, which struck the seventh floor of the building in central Paris and spread through the attic to the roof, was not immediately known.

Special forces storm besieged Mali luxury hotel

French and US special forces helped Malian troops end siege in Bamako in which up to 27 people were killed.

France's top chef bans meat from the menu

Michelin-starred cook Alain Ducasse reopens Parisian restaurant ditching duck, veal and steak in favour of largely vegetarian dishes.

Fire sweeps Val d'Isère hotel

Three people are reported missing and several others injured in the blaze at a hotel residence used by seasonal workers in the French ski resort.

Two children in social care found dead in pond north of Paris

Three other children among a group aged three to eight were found unconscious in a pond by a hotel where they lived in temporary accomodation.

Strauss-Kahn lawyers deny $6m deal with hotel maid

Former IMF boss's lawyers say a resolution with his accuser Nafissatou Diallo has been discussed but no settlement has been agreed.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, hotel maid settle assault case for '$6 million'

Lawyers for former IMF boss and Nafissitou Diallo, who accused him of sexually assaulting her, are said to have reached agreement in civil case.

French fashion boss apologises over China gaffe

Boss of clothing firm Zadig & Voltaire had said that Chinese tourists would not be welcome at exclusive new hotel planned by the company in Paris.