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France's silence over civilians killed by Malian soldiers in joint operations

Patrol by French soldiers in the streets of Gao, in Mali, December 4th 2021. © Thomas Coex/AFP Patrol by French soldiers in the streets of Gao, in Mali, December 4th 2021. © Thomas Coex/AFP

A year ago the French military bombed a wedding ceremony at Bounty in Mali, killing 22 men, of whom 19 were civilians. This terrible blunder was widely covered by the media at the time. But abuses committed in the following weeks and in the same region by the Malian army passed unnoticed. As Rémi Carayol reports, it would have been hard for French troops, who were on the ground with their Malian colleagues as part of a wide-ranging counter-insurgency operation, not to have been aware of what was going on. Yet the French military have remained silent about the incidents.

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France security law incompatible with human rights, say UN experts

Special reporters take government in Paris to task over proposed legislation that would give police more power.

UN condemns French police violence against 'yellow vests'

Scenes at a 'yellow vest' protest in Nantes in western France on February 16th 2019. © Reuters Scenes at a 'yellow vest' protest in Nantes in western France on February 16th 2019. © Reuters

The United Nations has followed the European Parliament in criticising the policing of some demonstrations staged by 'yellow vest' protestors in France. The UN's High Commissioner for Human Rights condemned what she called the “excessive use of force” used by the police on some occasions. The criticism came after interior minister Christophe Castaner's terse response to opposition MP Loïc Prud’homme after the latter was hit with a baton during a yellow vest protest last Saturday March 2nd in Bordeaux. Carine Fouteau reports.

Human rights activists denounce French welcome to Egyptian president

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi's first official visit to France since the election this year of Emmanuel Macron is clouded by demands from NGOs that Paris should place human rights abuses at the fore of the agenda of discussions expected to centre on economic deals and counter-terrorism strategy.

France to raise human rights issues with Egypt's al-Sisi

President Macron, aware that France’s policy on Egypt has come under fire, will raise issue when he meets Egyptian leader in Paris next week.

Counter-terror bill risks France’s human rights record, say UN experts

Liberty and security ‘under threat’ from bill aiming to end France’s state of emergency by transferring special police powers into permanent law.

West bows to China with lip service over death of rights activist Liu Xiaobo

By Elodie Goulesque
Liu Xiaobo. © Reuters Liu Xiaobo. © Reuters

The death on July 13th of imprisoned Chinese human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo has highlighted the reticence of Western nations to clearly denounce the fierce repression meted out by the Chinese authorities against pro-democracy campaigners. Mediapart’s Beijing correspondent Elodie Goulesque reports on how rights issues have fallen off the agenda of the international community in face of China’s rise to the rank of the world’s second superpower.

Amnesty International head urges France to stick to its values

Amnesty International Secretary-General Salil Shetty, presenting the NGO's yearly report, has called on France to resist 'all that hateful rhetoric against Muslims and migrants' in the current presidential election campaign, urging that citizens 'stay true' to the 'values of human rights' on which he said the country's republic was founded.

The grim side of Tunisia's Facebook 'revolution'

By Lilia Blaise

Facebook has become one of the foremost media in Tunisia, an alternative to controlled official information; it played an important a role in the 2010 uprising that led to the Arab Spring. But while it remains a tool for mobilising people, it is also now used for the more mundane and trivial, including trolling, rumours and rants. More disturbingly, Facebook has also been be turned against human rights activists, who are sometimes treated by the authorities in the same way as apologists for terrorism. Lilia Blaise reports.

A third of French people back torture in 'exceptional' circumstances

Poll for human rights group shows that after terror attacks in France, 36% of people would now support use of torture, up from 25% in 2000.

France's Hollande signs deals worth 2 billion euro with Egypt

Paris confirmed contracts for Airbus Space Systems and Thalès Alenia Space to build military telecoms satellite for Egypt's defence ministry.

Journalists take new French spy law to European human rights court

French legal press association says that it will ask court to strike down the sweeping powers the law gives to intelligence agencies.

Hollande raises Azerbaijan`s rights record in Baku talks

French president raised rights abuses with Azerbaijan`s President Ilham Aliyev at talks on Baku's dispute with Armenia over Nagorny Karabakh.

European rights tsar slams France over 'rising' discrimination


The Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights, Nils Muižnieks, on Tuesday released a report entitled ‘France: persistent discrimination endangers human rights’. The Latvian appears largely unimpressed with what he saw during a fact-finding mission to France last October, and denounces increasing anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim acts and racism in general, homophobia, a rise in "hate speech", the poor treatment of asylum seekers and the “social exclusion and marginalisation of persons with disabilities”. Carine Fouteau reports on the Commissioner’s conclusions.

Hollande to take tough human rights message to West African leaders

French President to stand firm against human rights abuses and corruption when he attends this weekend's annual Francophonie summit this weekend.