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Pregnant French woman killed by dogs - hunt with hounds was in area

Police in northern France opened a manslaughter investigation after autopsy showed victim, aged 29, suffered dog bites to head, torso and arms.

Massive manhunt in eastern France for Strasbourg gunman

More than 700 French police and security personnel are involved in the search for a 29-year-old man, who had been monitered by internal intelligence services as a potential terrorist risk, after two people were killed and 13 others wounded, one of who was left brain-dead, in a shooting on Tuesday evening the streets of the eastern city of Strasbourg.

Manhunt after police officer shot in government building near Paris

The victim was shot after he surprised two men who had broken into an interior ministry complex at Pantin, a suburb north of the French capital.

French PM pledges 'implacable response' to terror threat

Addressing French parliament on Tuesday, Manuel Valls warned 'very serious risks remain', as hunt for accomplices to terror attacks continued.

The wolf hunt returns to France as species makes a European comeback

Conservation groups furious after French government allows limited hunting of protected grey wolf amid rise in attacks on farm animals.