Calls for tougher rules for French hunters after hiker shot dead

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After a 25-year-old woman was shot dead on a marked walking trail in central France at the weekend in an apparent boar-hunting accident, politicians campaigning in upcoming presidential elections have joined calls for the introduction of a strict limit on days allowed for hunting, and notably a weekend ban.

Briton shot dead by hunter in French Alps

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A 34-year-old British man who lived in the French Alps region where he had openend a restaurant, was shot dead riding his mountain bike through local woodland by one of a party of seven hunters.

French hunters spark uproar for slaying stag in front garden

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Video shows hunters killing a tired but otherwise unhurt stag in a residential area on the outskirts of the forest of Compiègne, northeast of Paris.

France's François Hollande broadens message in hunt for votes

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The most unpopular president in French polling history, Hollande plays up his rustic roots, backs police, and visits underprivileged suburbs.