French government plans to make adult incest a criminal offence

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France's junior minister for the protection of children has announced a government plan to criminalise incestuous relationships between adults, extending the current ban which applies only to those that involve children, in a move that follows widespreadl controversy over the issue prompted by revelations that high-profile political scientist Olivier Duhamel sexually abused his teenage stepson.

'An enormous suffering': the French magistrates struggling with child incest cases


The French parliament this week began debating draft legislation aimed at strengthening the legal arsenal against the sexual abuse of minors, including raising the age of consent for sexual relations with an adult and introducing heavier sentences. The subject of sexual abuse of children has come to the fore in France following a series of revelations concerning high-profile individuals, the latest of which has prompted a movement on social media under the hashtag ‘#MeTooInceste’. Cécile Andrzejewski hears from magistrates about the difficulties of prosecuting incestuous sexual abuse of children, and why so many cases are simply dropped.

French actor faces inquiry for alleged abuse of daughter

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Richard Berry, 70, who has starred in successful theatre productions and films in a career spanning half a century, vehemently denied the allegations.

'Abuser stepfather' case prompts French #Metooinceste wave

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An outpouring of accounts of incest posted in French on Twitter under the hashtag #Metooinceste was reported this weekend, following the publication of a book in France revealing how high-profile academic, constituionalist and media figure Olivier Duhamel sexually abused his stepson, and how the family and friends covered up the scandal.