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How President Macron lost his economic gamble over Covid

Lost gamble? Economy minister Bruno Le Maire and President Emmanuel Macron. © Yoan VALAT / POOL / AFP Lost gamble? Economy minister Bruno Le Maire and President Emmanuel Macron. © Yoan VALAT / POOL / AFP

President Emmanuel Macron is said to have taken a “gamble” over health restrictions by not locking down France for the third time when the number of Covid-19 cases started rising once more in January. But the head of state has also gambled on the economy too. The French government thought that it could moderate the impact of the epidemic on economic activity through more limited but longer term restrictions. But as Romaric Godin reports, the French “economic resistance” proclaimed by the government could well turn out to be a painful illusion for the country and its public.

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France pledges 15bln euros to support aviation industry

Announcing a 15 billion-euro bailout package for aircraft manufacturer Airbus and aerospace industry companies, as well as for national carrier Air France, economy minister Bruno Le Maire said, 'We will not let the global aeronautical market be divided between China and the United States. France and Europe will be there too".

How Brexit will affect French industry

France’s food producer organisation says areas most hit will be wine and dairy products which make up 'bulk' of French agriculture exports.

French government ‘disarray’ in face of an alarming economic scenario


Just before French government members left on their two-week summer holidays earlier this month, they met with President François Hollande for a confidential seminar in which they were presented with an alarming set of economic figures and forecasts that promise dark times when they return to work on August 18th. The deflationist spiral into which Europe is being drawn threatens to destroy all hope of France recovering growth, reducing already chronic unemployment, or of straightening its public accounts. Just as worryingly, the government appears divided and dithering over the policy direction to be adopted to avoid what some business leaders predict could become a new and catastrophic crisis by 2015. Mediapart’s economic and business affairs correspondent Martine Orange reports.

France unveils sweeping plan to revive flagging industrial base

President François Hollande sets out 10-year industrial policy based on 34 sectors, from renewable energy to robotics and medical biotech.

Michel Hazanavicius lambasts French film industry

The Oscar-winning director of 'The Artist' has criticised film funding in France, sheltered by state subsidy, high salaries and 'complacency'.

Shirt-maker's woes dress challenges for an economy snagging at the seams

In a once flourishing textile-producing region in central France, the challenges facing a small shirt-manufacturer paint a broader economic picture.

From deglobalisation to cutting business costs: has France's industry supremo changed his political spots?


As a contender to be the Socialist Party's presidential candidate a year ago Arnaud Montebourg railed against high-finance and publicly backed deglobalisation and protectionism. But last week the man who is now France’s industrial recovery minister showered a report calling for sharp cuts in labour costs with fulsome praise. His friends insist there is no contradiction. However some wonder whether Montebourg has undergone a political conversion since becoming a government minister. Mediapart’s Lénaïg Bredoux reports.

WTO chief Lamy slams French protectionist 'diversion'


Almost all the candidates in the French presidential election campaign, from the Far Right to the Radical Left, are championing protectionism, a rare issue on which there is such broad agreement. But the rhetoric doesn’t impress World Trade Organisation Director-General Pascal Lamy, who dismisses the protectionist vogue as one based on false premises and serving only to divert attention from the primary issue of French competitiveness. In this wide-ranging interview with Philippe Riès, Lamy argues that protectionism is fuelled by a French malaise towards the wider world, an issue that he says requires an “anthropolitical” approach.