French study exposes extent of sexual aggression against women in public


A report published this month by France’s national institute of demographic studies, INED, suggests that one woman in five in the country falls victim every year to incidents of sexual and sexist abuse in public spaces, ranging from assault to harassment, and the most vulnerable are women aged between 20 and 24 who live in the Paris region. Louise Fessard reports.

The secret of France's baby boom

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The key, say demographic experts, is combining idea of a modern family based on gender equality with effective government policies.

Expanding French population to match that of Germany by 2055


In 2055, the population of France is forecast to match and subsequently overtake that of Germany, currently the largest in western Europe, reports the French National Institute of Demographic Studies, INED.  Its study, published March 29th, examines the reasons behind this latest development in what has been a long history of reversing demographic trends between the two countries. It notably finds that while immigration has played but a minor role in the increase of the population in France, the fastest-growing in Europe, it represents a vital element for countering the continued aging and decrease of the population in Germany. Carine Fouteau reports.