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Mother on trial in France after hiding malnourished child in car boot

A 50-year-old woman is on trial in central France for having caused harm and permanent disability to her infant girl, now aged seven, who she allegedly hid from her husband and kept in the boot of a car, leaving the child with possibly irreversible autism, in a complex case in which the mother was apparently in denial of her pregnancy.

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An autopsy confirmed death from mechanical asphyxiation after the girl, 3, reportedly swallowed a small plastic wheel toy hidden inside the egg.

Couple arrested after malnourished child found in car boot

French investigators unraveling the harrowing case of an infant girl found in the boot of a car believe she may have been hidden there since birth.

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Sabrina Bonner, 25, allegedly helped her schizophrenic boyfriend rape her four-year-old son during a prison visit