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France drifts into deflation

France's INSEE agency said core inflation fell to -0.2pc in November in clearest sign yet that economy is succumbing to deflationary forces.

French debt passes two trillion euro mark for first time

Statistical agency INSEE says total national debt is 2.023 trillion euros which represents 95.1 percent of French GDP.

France braced for almost zero economic growth

Figures expected to show on Thursday that French economy barely expanded during second quarter of this year after stagnating in the first.

Unemployment and poverty – what official figures say about the state of France today

On Monday July 7th the French government began the third of its so-called 'social conferences' in which employer and worker representatives debate plans to tackle the country’s social and economic problems. At stake this time is President François Hollande's much-vaunted but controversial 'Responsibility Pact' aimed at giving a 40-billion-euro incentive to the country's bosses to hire staff and thus cut the jobless total. Here Mediapart looks at the main economic and social indicators which all illustrate the challenges faced by the government; rising unemployment, growing poverty and financial hardship, and the destruction of industrial jobs. Yannick Sanchez and Thomas Saint-Cricq report.

French growth to miss Hollande’s target in 2014, says report

National statistics office INSEE says growth will be around 0.7% this year, below the 1% needed to help reduce France's budget deficit.

German GDP expands, France stalls

Zero growth in first quarter in France as household expenditure and exports slowed considerably, while Germany's economy grew by 0.8%.

Why being gay, a woman or from an immigrant background is still bad for your career in modern France


Discrimination is alive and kicking in France, according to a study by the state's official statistical agency INSEE. Whether it involves education, career progression, pay or getting access to housing, there are obstacles and hurdles at all levels of society for disabled, women and gay people as well as those from immigrant backgrounds. Nor does having good qualifications always make the situation better - indeed, in some cases the inequality gets worse higher up the workplace ladder. As Carine Fouteau reports, the study suggests there is a real need for more concrete action despite the pledges and fine words from President Hollande and his government.

French central bank forecasts first-quarter growth of just 0.2 percent

The country's statistics office also says that French industrial output began the year on a weak footing due to a slowdown in energy production.

France deflation fears as prices fall

French statistics office Insee said prices in January fell by 0.6% compared with previous month, prompting economists to warn of possible deflation.

The grim picture of France's widening poverty gap


While the number of people living in poverty in France rises, and the standard of living for the vast majority of the population has either fallen or stagnated, a minority of the richest income earners have become better off, according to the latest study of ‘Household income and wealth’ published this week by the French national institute of statistics and economic studies, INSEE. Martine Orange analyses the grim figures.

The verity of austerity as 2013 French economic outlook study points to grim year ahead


The French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, INSEE, last week published its economic forecast for the first half of 2013, predicting France will remain on the edge of recession with zero growth, ever-rising unemployment, a collapse of purchasing power and consumption in tatters. Mediapart's economics and finance specialist Laurent Mauduit argues here that the INSEE study provides a damning appraisal of the French socialist government’s austerity policies and its obedience to the fiscal compact.

French growth forecasts show challenge to 2013 deficit goals

The French economy contracted towards the end of 2012 and will barely grow in the first half of next year says national statistics agency Insee.

French quarterly growth stuck at zero

Economy needs to start growing again and quickly for France to meet its budget deficit targets, after latest forecasts from statistics agency Insee.

France heading for 10 million in poverty


The number of people living in poverty in France is likely to top the 10 million mark in 2013, indicate the results of a report by the French national institute of statistics and economic studies, INSEE, published this month. The fast-rising trend of those falling into financial and social distress is revealed in the institute’s latest study of living standards in the country, which fell for all categories of the population, except for the richest 5 per cent, while poverty increased sharply, especially among the young. Mediapart's economics and finance specialist Laurent Mauduit analyses the disturbing figures.

Élections: les Français d'origine étrangère votent autant que les autres


Dans une étude publiée ce jeudi, l'Insee révèle que les Français d'origine étrangère s'inscrivent moins souvent que les autres sur les listes électorales, mais qu'une fois accomplies les démarches ils se prononcent tout autant.