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France and China to set up joint investment fund

French foreign minister cited UK Hinkley Point nuclear deal as 'good example' of investment model Paris and Beijing will employ around world.

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Sarkozy's investment bank conference tours roll on with Goldman Sachs

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Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy (pictured), who once decried "a financial capitalism" which had "imposed its logic on the whole economy and contributed to perverting it", has joined the ranks of star conference speakers for the investment banking behemoth Goldman Sachs for whom he is to address a conference in London on June 3rd, described by the bank as "an exclusive forum that will bring together institutional investors and risk managers". Since leaving office last year, Sarkozy, who is keeping open his future return to politics, has clocked up a number of speaking engagements for investment banks. As Martine Orange reports, the former president's sudden enthusiasm for a sector where nothing passes for free raises a number of questions, not least that of conflict of interest both past and present.