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France says it's ready to participate in Iraq airstrikes

Foreign minister calls for international mobilization against militants from Islamic State group whom he described as a 'transnational danger'.

Hollande to visit Iraq ahead of security summit in Paris

French president's trip to Baghdad on Friday aimed at underlining his support for fight against Islamic State ahead of Monday talks.

Iraqi Christians reach France after fleeing Islamists

The group of about 40 arrived from Iraqi Kurdistan ahead of a further several hundred Christian refugees expected over the coming weeks.

France to deliver arms to Iraqi Kurds

Statement from President Hollande's office says move is in response to the 'urgent need' expressed by the authorities in Kurdistan.

France rules out military intervention in Iraq

France's foreign minister said Paris was 'currently' planning to give only humanitarian help in the battle with Islamic State militants. 

French foreign minister arrives in Iraq

Laurent Fabius pledged French aid for displaced populations and met with Iraqi prime minister before flying to Irbil in the Kurdish region.

France to send aid for Iraqi Kurds

The move comes as President Hollande assured Kurdish authorities that France will stand by 'victims of continued exactions of the Islamic State'.

France, UK to join US humanitarian assistance in Iraq: Obama

US president says French and British leaders agreed to join in efforts to relieve populations isolated and fleeing Islamic State forces.

Iraqi Christians begin arriving in France

The family of 11 are relatives of murdered Archbishop Faraj Raho, leader of the Chaldean Catholic church in northern Iraq.

France asks for UN emergency meeting on Iraq

Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said international community must bring help against 'intolerable abuses' by Islamic militants in Qaraqoush.

France ready to grant asylum for Iraq’s Christians

Paris says it is 'outraged' by recent ultimatum for Mosul's Christians to convert to Islam or face death, and will give refuge to those affected.

French police make fresh move on Calais migrants

Officers clear makeshift camp housing some 500 migrants at a food distribution point close to the French port where they had been squatting.


Iraq frees detained French reporter

Reporter Nadir Dendoune is free to leave Iraq after the authorities close case against him for allegedly illegally photographing military and police.

Total to face oil-for-food corruption trial

Oil giant Total and its CEO are to stand trial on charges that the company engaged in corruption during UN oil-for-food programme in Iraq.

Doc who ‘inspired’ torture program gets $31 million Army contract (RawStory)