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France to double number of Islamic university courses

Prime minister Manuel Valls says improving home-grown Islamic education is essential to defeating the ignorance that fuels extremists and far right.

Teacher quits French school over ‘insidious Islamism’

But colleagues of teacher at Muslim faith school at Lille in north France signed a joint communiqué attacking his 'slanderous lies'.

The 'culture of violence and resentment' that fuels French jihadists

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The shooting attacks in Paris last week claimed the lives of a total of 17 victims and ended with the deaths of the three gunmen. The outrages, perpetrated by Islamic extremists and which began with the massacre at the offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine before the separate murders of two police officers and the executions of four hostages in a Jewish supermarket, have opened a vast societal debate in France. There have been comparisons made with the 9/11 attacks in the United States, questions raised about the true significance of the national unity displayed during last Sunday’s huge marches in defiance of terrorism, about the real extent of integration, and stigmatization, of the French Muslim population, and why the jihad increasingly lures some young French citizens. In this interview with Joseph Confavreux, Olivier Roy, a recognised expert in France and abroad on questions of Islam and religious fundamentalism, discusses these and related issues, and highlights the taboos that cloud an effective analysis of the events.

Charlie Hebdo massacre: the dilemma for French Muslims


As the first cracks appear in the “national unity” urged by President François Hollande, the spotlight has been turned on the reaction of French Muslims. Ahead of Sunday's 'Republican march' to show solidarity over the Charlie Hebdo killings, the far right and sections of the Right have called on France's Muslims to condemn the massacre publicly. On the Left, opinions are divided on the issue. Mediapart's Hubert Huertas argues that we are faced with two very different visions of France – one that demands assimilation, the other that embraces diversity.

The bitter background to the Charlie Hebdo massacre

Un des derniers dessins de Charb, publié le 7 janvir 2014 © Charb Un des derniers dessins de Charb, publié le 7 janvir 2014 © Charb

The attack by gunmen on the offices of Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday came almost nine years after the French satirical magazine found itself at the centre of a fierce controversy for first reproducing in France the so-called ‘Prophet Muhammad caricatures’ originally published in a Danish newspaper. Charlie Hebdo has since continued to publish cartoons that mock Islamic fundamentalism, prompting the anger of a section of Muslims in France and abroad, and which led to a devastating firebomb attack on its offices in 2011. The magazine has regularly defended its position as that of a satirical publication that is equally irreverent towards the hypocrisies of all religions. Dan Israel traces the bitter background to Wednesday’s horrific outrage.

Writer denies novel about Muslim-run France was designed to 'provoke'

Leading French novelist Michel Houellebecq has been accused of inciting Islamophobia with his latest book 'Submission'.

French far-right councillor converted to Islam calls on colleagues to join him

Maxence Buttey, 22, has been suspended from the Front National after attempting to convert other party members to his new religion.

Muslim critics condemn new French school charter

Some consider France's new 15-point school charter on secularism to be a thinly-veiled attack on Islam.

French Muslims look to science to determine start of Ramadan

Muslims in France to end almost 1,400 years of Islamic tradition and use astronomy to determine start of Ramadan and other Islamic holidays.

France struggles to fight radical Islam in its jails

With the country on heightened security alert, authorities are increasingly worried about home-grown militants emerging from France's own jails.

Revealed: The real story about French Muslims, immigration and radicalisation


Islam is the second religion in France yet Muslims often feel discriminated against and misunderstood. And because the French state outlaws the gathering of data on religious or ethnic grounds it is difficult to know exactly how Muslims view their faith, how many are being radicalised – or even how many Muslims there are in the country. Here Mediapart publishes the results of a major new study attempting to overcome this lack of data. It confirms that a small proportion of Muslim youths are being radicalised. But it also shows how the way in which they are depicted in society has led to an increased religious sentiment among Muslims anxious to assert their identity. Carine Fouteau reports.

France steps up struggle against religious radicals

Country will deport foreign-born imams and disband radical faith-based groups, including hardline Catholics, under new surveillance policy.

Poll suggests French negative views of Islam widen

An opinion poll for French daily Le Figaro found a majority of respondents believed Islam had too great an influence in France.

French magazine to publish 'shock' Prophet Mohammed cartoons

Charlie Hebdo is to publish cartoons caricaturing Prophet amidst spreading anger in the Islamic world over US-made film mocking Mohammed.

Muslims in Europe dogged by bias, Amnesty says

Muslims in France and elsewhere in Europe face discrimination in education, employment and religious freedom, says Amnesty International report.