Islamic State

France seeks new powers to monitor terror suspects’ bank accounts

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Government wants new measures to give anti-money laundering unit Tracfin access to finances of those listed on a database of wanted people.

President Hollande and UK PM Cameron pay tribute outside Bataclan

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British premier said he was convinced UK should pursue air strikes in Syria while French president vowed to step up attacks on Islamic State.

‘No quick victory over Islamic State' warns French army chief

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Chief of staff General Pierre de Villiers said: 'Everybody knows that this conflict will be resolved through diplomatic and political channels.'

France feels increasingly isolated in fight against terror

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Paris worries its allies, including Germany, may not have the will to confront the militant threat head on, says The Wall Street Journal.

Movements of Paris attacks 'mastermind' raise EU security questions

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Growing concern in France after it emerged that Abdelhamid Abaaoud, one of Europe’s most wanted men, travelled freely around continent.

Fate of Paris attacks 'mastermind' unknown says prosecutor

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Official says Abdelhamid Abaaoud not among 8 people arrested but that not all those who died in police raid had yet been identified.

French police search terror suspects' premises

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Car rented by Salah Abdeslam, the suspected eighth gunman, is also being inspected as France mobilises 115,000 security personnel. 

France launches fresh strikes on Islamic State

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Attacks come as US defence secretary urges European allies to join forces to defeat IS and French police raid 128 addresses overnight.

President Hollande on war footing after Paris attacks


After the Charlie Hebdo shootings in January this year President François Hollande's key focus was on pulling the nation together. Now, after the terror attacks that struck Paris on Friday November 13th, the French head of state has espoused the language of war to justify more air strikes by French jets in Syria and Iraq, stronger internal security measures, more police officers and, most notably, a change to the French constitution. In a rare address to French MPs and senators Hollande said on Monday: “France is at war.” As Lénaïg Bredoux and Martine Orange report, the mood in the French presidency is for tough talk and tough measures to combat jihadists – and also to stop the French Right from seizing the political initiative.

Why Islamic State is targeting France

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Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the Paris terror attacks on Friday, November 13th. But why has the terror group made France its “principal target”, ahead of other states involved in the anti-IS coalition in Iraq and Syria? French journalist and author David Thomson, an expert on French jihadists, explains the background to Mediapart's Joseph Confavreux.

French PM warns more attacks to come as police launch pre-dawn anti-terror raids

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Manuel Valls said Friday's shootings were 'planned in Syria' and that Europe should be prepared for a repeat attack in weeks ahead.

French jets mount major attack on Islamic State fiefdom in Syria

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A fleet of ten French Rafale aircraft on Sunday dropped 20 bombs on sites in the IS-held town of Raqqa in northern Syria, its principal base.

France bombs Islamic State oil supply plant in Syria

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French jets attacked an oil depot near Deir Ezzor, close to the Syrian border with Iraq, in third wave of air strikes ordered by Paris over Syria.

France to redeploy aircraft carrier in missions against Islamic State group

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French president said France's largest warship will return to the Gulf  'to allow us to be more efficient in coordination with our allies'.

France says its strikes against IS in Syria may have killed French jihadists

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French prime minister says French jihadists may have been among those killed in an attack on Islamic State training camp near Raqqa last week.