Islamic State

France seizes passports of six 'Syria-bound' citizens

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Officials say the move, carried out under new counter-terrorism laws, came amid fears the men wanted to join Islamic State.

France deploys aircraft carrier in fight against Islamic State

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French navy's Charles de Gaulle in the Gulf from where its aircraft will carry out raids as part of US-led military campaign against jihadist group.

Widow of Paris kosher store gunman 'interviewed' in IS magazine

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In the latest edition of its French-language magazine, Islamic State presents Hayat Boumeddiene, 26, as being present with the group in Syria.

French parliament approves continuation of anti-IS military campaign

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A near-total majority of French MPs voted in favour of continuing the country's air strikes against Islamic State forces in Iraq and Syria.

New IS video shows French jihadists calling for attacks in France

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The seven-minute film shows several men, faces visible, tossing their passports onto a bonfire and encouraging terror attacks in France.

French jihadist reportedly in IS video came from ‘devout Catholic family’

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Mickaël Dos Santos, 22, of Portuguese descent converted to Islam when a teen and was first notice by anti-terrorism police in 2013.

Second French jihadist identified on Islamic State video

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The man, who features in the film showing IS militants beheading hostages, has been named as Islamic convert Michael Dos Santos, 22.

Hollande says 'barbaric' IS hostage killings are 'a crime against humanity''

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The French president was reacting to an Islamic State video of beheadings of US hostage Peter Kassig and 18 Syrian servicemen.

France's new internet anti-terror law branded 'ineffective' and 'dangerous'

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The French Parliament this week formally adopted a new anti-terrorism law, part of which aims to stop terrorists using the internet to attract recruits and plot attacks. It will allow the authorities to block websites that “condone terrorism” and will create a new offence of “individual terrorist enterprise”. One key objective is to stop the “preparation” of attacks via the web. The government, which has rushed these measures through, says they are needed to combat the growing use of the internet and social media by terror groups and in particular to tackle the threat of so-called “lone wolf” terrorists operating in France and elsewhere. But civil liberties groups, judges and the state body that oversees the impact of digital technology have condemned the law as an attack on freedom, ineffective and unworkable. Jérôme Hourdeaux details the new measures.

French air force carries out third strike against IS forces in Iraq

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The French defence ministry said two Rafale jets destroyed Islamic State pick-up trucks in the Tikrit region during a reconnaissance mission.

France backs Syria buffer zone proposal

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President Hollande lends support to Turkish plan that would 'protect displaced people' fleeing Islamic State in Syria.

US says France 'has discussed' possible French role in Syria

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Defense secretary Chuck Hagel confirmed talks over potential French involvement in the US-led campaign against IS in Syria.

Islamic State's battle with al-Qaeda for jihadist hearts and minds

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The brutal execution of French climber Hervé Gourdel by a little-known terrorist group in Algeria has thrown the spotlight on attempts by Islamic State (IS) to extend its network of influence across North Africa and beyond. The Algerian group Jund al-Khilafa kidnapped and beheaded the French mountaineer as a gruesome and public sign of allegiance to the Iraq and Syria-based group. But so far Islamic State has failed to win the allegiance of any other group in Africa as it competes with al-Qaeda for dominance among the jihadist groups of the world. As Pierre Puchot reports, its attempt to be the global leader in jihadism may depend on lasting control of Iraqi oil wealth.

French supermarket apologises over ‘Islamophobic’ toy machinegun

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Auchan chain has now withdrawn toy assault rifle decorated with a crescent moon and star, symbols that are generally associated with Islam.

Iraq warns of IS terror plot on subways in France and US

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Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadisaid said attacks were prepared by IS in Iraq, but French and US officials were unaware of a threat.