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Report slams 'fiasco' of French de-radicalisation programme

A programme aimed at de-radicalising Islamist extremists in France, launched by President François Hollande after the country was hit by a series of terrorist attacks, has been an 'amateurish' flop driven by a government that 'panicked', a cross-party parliamentary commission of enquiry has reported.

French police arrest four suspected of preparing terrorist attack

The three men and a woman, described by security services as radical Islamists, were arrested in Paris and a northern suburb in dawn raids.

French websites hit after 'Islamist cyber attack' warning

A number of French media websites, including Mediapart, were briefly unavailable after a suspected cyber attack hit their web host.

Tenth French soldier dies in fighting in Mali

Thomas Dupuy, a sergeant from a commando parachutist unit in the air force, reportedly died in a fierce clash with Islamist militants.

Thousands turn out in Nice in homage to executed French hostage

The rally in the hometown of the hostage beheaded by Algerian Islamists, came as flags were lowered to halfmast across France in mourning.

Paris confirms execution of French hostage

France has authenticated a video of the beheading of Hervé Gourdel, which President Hollande said was a 'cruel and cowardly' act.

Video released of French hostage beheading

An Algerian Islamist group captured the 55 year-old tourist on Sunday and threatened to execute him unless France halted strikes against IS.

France says 40 Islamists killed in recent Mali operations

Among those dead is Omar Ould Hamaha, known as 'Red Beard', a commander of armed groups who occupied northern Mali in 2012.

French hostage of Nigerian Islamists pleads for help

In a video released by his captors, Francis Collomp, kidnapped last December, asked for French and Nigerian help in securing his release.

French and Malian troops engaged by Islamists in Timbuktu

French and Malian troops were engaged this weekend in a battle with Islamist rebels who resurfaced in the northern Mali town of Timbuktu.

Arrested Islamists suspected of planning attack in France

Police found weapons and explosives at the home of one of the suspects in the town of Marignane, near Marseille.

Hollande says Islamist 'leaders' killed in Mali

French president does not name 'terrorist leaders' killed in recent fighting in Mali, where a fourth member of French forces died on Wednesday.

France says top Islamist commander 'probably' killed in Mali

Islamist chief Abdelhamid Abou Zeid is 'probably' dead, says French military, while the fate of his ally Mokhtar Belmokhtar is more uncertain.

French, Malian forces take jihadist stronghold near north Mali’s largest city

About 1,000 forces from France, Mali and other African countries are now in the town of Bourem, according to a French military official.

Storm halts French advance into last Mali stronghold

France says a sandstorm is preventing its forces from entering the town of Kidal in northern Mali in their offensive against Islamist militants.