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France's Mont-Saint-Michel recovers its island status

President François Hollande has inaugurated a bridge that restores the status of the famous site on France’s northern coast as an island.

MH370: French planes search for debris off Réunion

Boats and helicopters are also being deployed off the Indian Ocean island to expand the hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines plane.

Tidal surge turns France's Mont Saint-Michel into an island

Thousands flocked to see 'tide of the century' transform the UNESCO world heritage site, an ancient abbey linked to the mainland by a causeway.

Suspected Ebola case reported on France's Réunion Island

Pharmacist admitted to hospital on Indian Ocean island with a moderate fever had recently carried out humanitarian work in Ebola-hit Guinea.

One dead as cyclone skims France's Reunion island

Cyclone Bejisa also left 15 people injured and uprooted trees, flooded and damaged dozens of homes and severed power and water supplies.