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French FM rejects Netanyahu claims of bias

Israeli PM said France's initiative for Israeli-Palestinian peace talks was overshadowed by support Paris gave to Al Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem.

France to hold summit on Israeli-Palestinian peace process

Paris will host a meeting of foreign ministers at the end of May to set the stage for a peace conference later in the summer.

The glitzy, murky world of man accused of vast French carbon trading fraud

From left to right : Arnaud Mimran with Benjamin Netanyahou, Patrick Bruel, Puff Daddy and Meyer Habib. © Mediapart From left to right : Arnaud Mimran with Benjamin Netanyahou, Patrick Bruel, Puff Daddy and Meyer Habib. © Mediapart

He has been on good terms with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, played poker regularly with well-known French singer and actor Patrick Bruel and is close friends with a champion French boxer. But French businessman Arnaud Mimran is now accused of being one of the organisers of the 'hold-up of the century' - a carbon trading scam that in total cost French taxpayers 1.6 billion euros. He is also suspected of having organised the kidnapping of a wealthy Swiss financier, while his name has been cited in connection with several unsolved murders. Fabrice Arfi reports.

Orange boss travels to Israel to apologise over 'boycott misunderstanding'

Stéphane Richard insisted his comment that Orange wanted to disengage from its Israeli partner was purely a business matter and not political.

French FM tries to defuse 'anti-Semitism' row over Orange pull-out from Israel

Laurent Fabius said he was against 'any boycott of Israel' after claims that French mobile operator's exit from Israel was a 'miserable statement'.

French NY consulate 'free speech' talk by academic head who banned Hessel

Monique Canto-Sperber banned Palestinian rights group meetings at the Ecole Normale Supérieur, one featuring 'Time for Outrage' author.

France seeks UN Security Council resolution on Middle East talks

Paris aims to use resolution to spur talks between Israel and the Palestinians, a step that the United States resisted last year.

Israeli officials head to France in bid to block Iran nuclear deal

Israeli intelligence minister in last-minute meetings with top French diplomats involved in the talks over Tehran's nuclear programme.

French MPs vote to recognize Palestine as a state

Vote does not affect France's diplomatic stance but is part of growing effort from Europe to find new ways to push for peace in Middle East.

French Parliament to vote on Palestinian state

MPs in National Assembly will take part in 'symbolic' vote on Palestine but French government itself will not 'act alone' and recognise state.

The mystery of the 'disappeared' of Gaza

Quartier de Chajaya, Gaza, septembre 2014 © Pierre Puchot Quartier de Chajaya, Gaza, septembre 2014 © Pierre Puchot

The International Committee of the Red Cross calls it “a major problem”, while the United Nations says it has no idea of the numbers involved. The one thing that is certain is that at least hundreds of families in Gaza are still looking for relatives who have disappeared without trace following the 50-day Israeli offensive that began in July. For some, the answer may lie beneath the rubble of destroyed buildings that still litter the land. But there is also speculation that other missing Palestinians may be detained in Israel, or have met death as they fled by sea to Europe. Mediapart’s Middle East and North Africa affairs correspondent Pierre Puchot reports from Gaza on an enduring mystery that has become something of a taboo.

France tops list for Jewish emigration to Israel

So far 4,566 Jews have left France for Israel this year, driven by country's poor economy and 'climate of anti-Semitism that is losing its taboo'.

France condemns Gaza 'slaughter'

French foreign minister directed strong criticism against Israel's for its 'slaughter of civilians' in the continuing offensive in Gaza.

The Israelis who refuse to bear arms


Paris hosts first pro-Israel rally since start of Gaza offensive

Heavily-policed event attracted up to 6,000 people in front of the Israeli embassy in the French capital amid rising inter-communal tensions.