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Migrants held 'secretly and illegally' in prefab huts in France

The prefabriated huts behind the police station at Menton where the migrants are detained before being sent back to Italy. © La Cimade The prefabriated huts behind the police station at Menton where the migrants are detained before being sent back to Italy. © La Cimade

Migrant rights groups are taking legal action after discovering that migrants  are being secretly detained overnight in prefabricated huts in the French town of Menton on the border with Italy. The groups say the the French authorities' treatment of the refugees, many of whom are from Sudan and Eritrea and who include some children, is illegal. Carine Fouteau reports.

French farmer punished for helping migrants enter France from Italy

Court in Nice gave a a 3,000-euro suspended sentence on Cédric Herrou for meeting migrants on Italian soil to bring them to France.

French finance minister urges EU help for Italian banks

Michel Sapin said Italy's banking sector should be allowed support of state aid to recover from dumping of shares amid concerns of bad loans.

Mafiosi dubbed 'Little Spider' arrested on French Riviera

Photo from Giovanni Tagliamento's now-closed Facebook account. © DR Photo from Giovanni Tagliamento's now-closed Facebook account. © DR

Giovanni Tagliamento has lived for the past eleven years on the French Riviera, where he is considered by the Italian justice authorities to represent the Neapolitan Mafia the Camorra in their French operations. Last month he was arrested by French police on suspicion of the illegal trafficking of spirits, and placed in preventive custody. Hélène Constanty reports on a man nicknamed the 'Little Spider’.

Support for the EU dwindles in France and Italy

Survey shows that in a French referendum on EU membership a narrow majority of just 52 per cent would vote to stay in.

Dismay as France overtaken by Italy as top wine producer

Official figures also show that Spain has taken over as the world's top wine exporter - with France being its biggest customer.

French wines squeezed off top spot

Lack of rain and a heatwave led to just 1% increase in French production in 2015, meaning Italy regained top spot for amount of wine made.

Police clear migrant camp on France-Italy border

Italian town of Ventimiglia, where a camp of around 50 people remained, was a flashpoint at start of Europe's migrant crisis earlier this year.

The migrant crisis in Ventimiglia, the 'new Calais' on the French-Italian border


French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve and his British counterpart Theresa May met in Calais on Thursday to announce new joint security measures to prevent thousands of migrants in the Channel port from reaching England. While the desperate situation in Calais has become the focus of headlines, the similar, less-reported plight of growing numbers of migrants blocked at France’s south-eastern border with Italy now threatens to erupt into a major crisis. Louise Fessard reports from the Italian border town of Ventimiglia.

French suffer fit of pique as Italian PM 'reclaims' Europe's highest mountain

Matteo Renzi reignites ancient row over whether France or Italy should lay claim to Mont Blanc and other Alpine peaks.

France and Italy play down migrant border drama

At joint press conference with French president, Italian premier Matteo Renzi denied tensions over migrants at frontier town of Ventimiglia.

France's Ségolène Royal apologizes for Nutella boycott call

French environment minister's climbdown came after protests from Italy where the popular chocolate and nut spread is produced.

France to create 11,000 places for refugees and asylum seekers

Ministers also plan to cut time required to handle asylum requests to nine months as number of people living in illegal migrant camps swells.

Nutella spat: France's Ségolène Royal told to leave Italian products alone

Italy’s environment minister plans to eat Nutella for dinner after French counterpart urged people to avoid product over deforestation fears.

Italian police haul away migrants at France border

Around 300 migrants had been camping out for days in Ventimigila on the frontier, sparking tension between the two countries.