Ivory Coast

Former French peacekeepers convicted of Ivorian man's murder

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Three former French soldiers given suspended sentences for their roles in murder of Ivorian man during peacekeeping operations in the African state.

France offers Ivory Coast 3 bln euros in aid and debt relief

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France is to offer Ivory Coast 3 billion euros in aid and debt relief from mid-2012, French Prime Minister Francois Fillon said on Friday.

France finally calls time on Ivory Coast's Gbagbo


The political crisis in IvoryCoast appeared close to an end Wednesday, as its besieged former president LaurentGbabgo (photo), beaten in elections last November but refusing to hand over power, sheltered in a bunker in his presidential palace as it came under attack by forces supporting president-elect Alassane Ouattara. The sudden en to Gbagbo's four-month stand-off waslargely sealed by the intervention of French and UN attack helicopters thatbegan on Monday. Ludovic Lamant reports on the background to a decisive 48 hours.

Tensions run high at the gates of Abidjan

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Tensions are running high in Ivory Coast, where Laurent Gbagbo, the incumbent president defeated in November elections is refusing to hand over power to his newly-elected rival Alassane Ouattara. A delegation of African leaders returned to the country Monday January 3rd to persuade Gbagbo to quit, amid reports they are offering him an amnesty in exchange. If he refuses, West African states have warned they will employ force to oust him. We report from a spot just outside the economic capital Abidjan, where a divided population feverishly await the next development in the crisis.

The militiamen behind Ivory Coast's Gbagbo


Following Ivory Coast's November presidential elections, defeated incumbent Laurent Gbagbo is refusing to hand over power to his victorious rival Alassane Ouattara, despite the threat of military intervention by West African states. Will Gbagbo go all the way to a fight? A key element will be the readiness for combat of his Young Patriot urban militia force, profiled here.