Jacques Audiard

French immigration thriller wins Cannes Palme d'Or

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'Dheepan' by French director Jacques Audiard about plight of traumatised refugees building new lives won film festival's top prize.

Audiard's 'Rust and Bone' lends iron and form to French cinema success in US

International — Link

The emotional drama of Jacques Audiard's latest work propels his reputation in a new direction and fuels France's current Hollywood momentum.

Rust and Bone author Craig Davidson on life, fights, fatherhood and Audiard's 'beautiful' adaptation

International — Interview

French film director Jacques Audiard has met with widespread acclaim at this year’s Cannes Film Festival for his latest film, Rust and Bone ( De rouille et d'os), an adaptation of Canadian author Craig Davidson’s collection of short stories by the same name. As the film appears poised for a huge box-office success, Mediapart’s Christine Marcandier interviews Davidson about how the project with Audiard began (in a meeting when he spilled water over the celebrated director’s “lovely” felt hat), what he thinks of the film, and his approach to writing - which he admits has seen him go “a little crazy” in living out the pains of his characters.