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Sarkozy handed one-year jail sentence over campaign finances

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Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy has announced he will appeal his conviction for illegal election campaign financing for which he has been handed a one-year prison sentence, which he could serve under house arrest with an electronic tag, and which is his second conviction and jail sentence.

French court hands Afghan evacuee ten-month suspended jail term

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An Afghan man, one of five indiduals with suspected links to the Taliban and placed under supervision in France following their recent evacuation from Kabul, has been handed a ten-month suspended jail sentence for not respecting restrictions placed on his movement.

Iran upholds five-year jail sentence for French-Iranian academic

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A five-year jail sentence pronounced in May by the Iranian authorities agaisnt Fariba Adelkhah, 61, a research director at the Paris political sciences university Sciences Po who was arrested last year in Tehran for allegedly 'conspiring against national security', was upheld on appeal on Tuesday.

Iran hands six-year jail sentence to French academic

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Anthropologist Fariba Adelkhah, 61, a researcher with the Sciences Po school in Paris, and who was arreseted and jailed in Iran in June 2019, has been handed a six-year jail sentence by a Tehran court which found her guilty of charges of endangering Iranian national security and spreading anti-state propaganda, said a statement published by Sciences Po on Saturday on its website.

Anti-Semite French comic Dieudonné given jail sentence in Belgium

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Stand-up comic Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala, who has been previously prosecuted in France for anti-Semitic speech during his shows, was handed a two-month jail sentence and a fine by a Belgian appeals court for anti-Semitic comments during a performance in the country.