French farmer gets eight years for killing suspected truffle thief

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Laurent Rambaud, 37, increasingly frustrated with a spate of thefts, shot dead a man he thought was a truffle thief and armed.

French jihadist, 60, sentenced by Paris court to eight years in jail

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Gilles Le Guen, arrested in Mali by French troops, is the first to be convicted under a 2012 law allowing prosecution for waging Jihad abroad.

Australian 'guru' jailed in France for repeated rape of teenage girls

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The 43-year-old computer programmer was given 19 years in jail after forcing four female minors to live as naked 'slaves' at his Riviera home.

French dissenters jailed after crackdown on speech that glorifies terrorism

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Lawyers and human rights groups raise concerns over heavy prison sentences in France, including for people who drunkenly insulted police.

Former trader Kerviel faces jail as lone walk to France ends

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Convicted SocGen trader, returning after a long trek to Rome, has been ordered to attend a French police station where he is set to be jailed.

SocGen ex-trader Kerviel faces prison after losing appeal

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But appeal court does overturn initial judgement that Kerviel has to repay the 4.9 billion euros in losses he was said to have caused bank.

Founder of French breast implant scandal firm jailed

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Court gives Jean-Claude Mas, founder of PIP which was at centre of global breast implant scare involving 300,000 women, a four-year sentence.

France jail break: prisoner uses explosives

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Redoine Faid, described as 'particularly dangerous', escaped from prison in northern France after blasting through five doors with explosives.

Family of suspected ETA boss says death in Paris hospital was 'assassination'

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Javier Lopez Pena, in jail in France since 2008, died on March 30 officially after a stroke, but family say he "was doing fine" when they visited him.

France jails nine over fundraising for Uzbek militants

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The ringleader of the operation funding the militants, who have ties to al-Qaeda, was sentenced to eight years while others received up to three years.

Jailhouse rot: the scandalous conditions inside one of France's oldest prisons


France’s prison inspection agency this week published a scathing report on conditions at Marseille’s notoriously dilapidated jailhouse, Les Baumettes, which it described as amounting to “a grave violation of fundamental rights”, and has called on the government to take urgent remedial measures at the almost 80-year old prison where overcrowding reaches 146%. The insalubrious and understaffed prison was officially declared a fire hazard in 2011 and is, the inspectors found, home to colonies of rats, cockroaches and louse where racketeering and violence are rife. Michel Deléan reports.