Jean-Marie Le Guen

French ministers lay bare their financial and property interests

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The new watchdog overseeing the probity of France's elected representatives and officials has just published a report on the property and financial interests of government ministers. As expected the foreign minister Laurent Fabius came out top in the net worth stakes, followed by parliamentary relations minister Jean-Marie Le Guen who was obliged by the watchdog to re-evaluate upwards the value of his property, while Europe minister Harlem Désir emerges as the least well-off member of the government. But while the publication of the list is a welcome step towards transparency in public life after the débâcle of the Jérome Cahuzac affair, there are still some puzzling gaps and omissions on the list.

French minister rapped for underestimating how much he is worth

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Watchdog ordered millionaire Jean-Marie Le Guen to re-evaluate property portfolio he had listed at €700,000 below true value.