Jean-Michel Blanquer

French minister slams dictionary's use of gender-inclusive pronoun

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French education minister Jean-Michel Blanquer has joined in an MP's campaign against the venerable Petit Robert dictionary for including the pronoun 'iel', a mix of 'elle' and 'il', saying that what has become called 'inclusive' writing 'is not the future of the French language'.

France to bring back teaching in schools of Latin and ancient Greek

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French education minister Jean-Michel Blanquer has announced plans to develop teaching in secondary schools of  Latin and ancient Greek so that pupils will 'develop their culture'.

A year after Samuel Paty's murder, teachers in France give their verdict on the current classroom mood

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On October 16th 2020 history and geography teacher Samuel Paty was murdered near his school in the north-west suburbs of Paris where he had previously shown pupils caricatures of Muhammad as part of a lesson. A year later, Mediapart visited a similar-sized community at Alès in southern France to speak to teachers there about life in the classroom following a brutal killing that shocked the nation. They told Mediapart about their hopes, their fears and their complicated relations with pupils who they say are being drip fed with 'fake news'. Some also expressed their anger about an education system they consider to be too passive in the face of the current situation. Prisca Borrel reports.

French schools warned over bullying campaign against 11-year-olds

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French education minister Jean-Michel Blanquer has called on school staff to be vigilant over eventual bullying prompted by an unexplained viral campaign of online posts targeting children born in 2010, and which have attracted millions of views.

The French teachers living in 'daily fear' as number of Covid cases in schools grows

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There has been exponential growth in the number of Covid-19 cases in French schools, both among pupils and staff, and some teaching personnel have become seriously ill as a result. Though the education minister has just announced a further toughening of the health protocols to tackle the virus in schools, some teachers fear the ministry is still “in denial” over the scale of the problem they are facing. One teaching union is now calling on members to take strike action. Ismaël Bine and Caroline Coq-Chodorge report.

How the notion of France's long-cherished 'Republic' has been hijacked

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The word 'Republican' has a hugely positive place in the French collective memory. But recently the concept has come to be used – and abused - as a form of political shorthand to tell people to obey the rules. Mediapart's Fabien Escalona talks to French academics about the shifting meaning of the concept and how it is now cited more to protect existing privileges rather than to extend safeguards and rights to new groups.

French education minister reignites row over Muslim headscarf

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 Jean-Michel Blanquer says he wants to avoid having mothers in hijab as volunteers on school trips.

French government raises stakes on school security after pupil points 'gun' at teacher


A recent video showing a pupil pointing a pistol – later discovered to be fake - at his teacher in a school in France went viral. The government called an urgent meeting of senior ministers to work out a plan of action to tackle violence in France's schools, amid talk that the police might be asked to patrol in some establishments. Detailed policies are expected to be announced soon. But as Manuel Jardinaud and Faïza Zerouala report, this tough rhetoric, which recalls the days of Nicolas Sarkozy's presidency, has not gone down well with many teachers.

Outrage in France after teacher threatened with fake gun

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The incident, filmed and put on social media by one of the 15-year-old's classmates, has sparked a top-level meeting to discuss school violence.

French pupils to be taught national anthem and meaning of EU flag

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Primary school pupils will need to recite the 'meaning of the construction of Europe' to boost patriotism and ward off Euroscepticism.

Town v country: rural French schools feel sacrificed in favour of urban areas

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The education authorities have just made their annual announcement about which primary school classes are being closed and which are being opened in the next academic year. Teaching unions and elected representatives in rural areas fear village schools are getting fewer teaching posts so that the government can implement its flagship policy of halving class sizes in education priority zones - which are overwhelmingly in deprived urban areas. Education minister Jean-Michel Blanquer rejects the claims. Mediapart's education correspondent Faïza Zerouala reports.

French government unveils plan to ban mobile phones in schools

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French education minister Jean-Michel Blanquer has announced that school pupils aged between 6- and 15-years-old will be banned from using their mobile phones at school from the start of the next education year, beginning in September 2018.