Jean-Michel Prêtre

Police watchdog targets Mediapart's sources over story that implicates President Macron


In the spring of 2019 Mediapart journalist Pascale Pascariello revealed the lies told by a state prosecutor and President Emmanuel Macron himself over a case involving an activist in her 70s who was injured during a protest amid allegations of police violence. This week, on Tuesday 26th May, the reporter was questioned as a potential suspect by the police body which investigates police actions, the Inspection Générale de la Police Nationale (IGPN). The alleged offence is receiving information passed on as a result of a breach of professional confidentiality. As Mediapart's Fabrice Arfi writes, it is the fourth time in under 18 months that the legal system has targeted Mediapart's sources following investigations that have proved embarrassing for the government.

Police officers' version of events contradicts Macron over injured protester in Nice


When 73-year-old activist Geneviève Legay was seriously injured during a 'yellow vest' protest in Nice in the south of France on Saturday March 23rd the incident  quickly dominated the headlines. The French president Emmanuel Macron became involved, insisting that the police officers present at the demonstration had not touched her, a claim initially backed by the local state prosecutor. Yet on the very day of that demonstration a police report, a copy of which has been seen by Mediapart, stated the opposite. Mediapart has also gathered other testimonies which bolster the idea that there has been an attempt to orchestrate a lie over the incident. The state prosecutor has conceded that a police officer did make contact with the protestor, causing her to fall. Pascale Pascariello reports.

Mother jailed as mayor seeks to clear beggars off Nice's streets


A pregnant young Roma mother has been jailed for a year in Nice after being convicted of mistreating her children on the Mediterranean city's streets. Human rights and Roma groups see a worrying link between the woman's arrest and conviction and a campaign by the right-wing mayor Christian Estrosi to clean up the city's streets for the tourist season, and claim the authorities have sought to make an example of her. Louise Fessard reports.