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Peak of Covid-19 pandemic yet to come, French health chief warns

France's health director said the main cities put under curfew mid-October were starting to see a lesser spread of the disease, but he stressed the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic was still to come.

France reports 516 more virus deaths, taking toll to over 21,800

France reported 516 new deaths from the novel coronavirus in the last 24 hours, bringing its overall toll to 21,856 fatalities on Thursday.

Covid-19: France death toll hits 21,340

France reported 544 more deaths from Covid-19 in hospitals and nursing homes over the last 24 hours, but registered new falls in the total numbers of coronavirus patients.

Covid-19 in France: hospital cases continue to fall

The daily tally – 387 deaths in hospital and 144 in nursing homes – brought France's total Covid-19 death toll to 20,796, top health official Jérôme Salomon told reporters.

France becomes fourth country with more than 20,000 virus deaths

Health chief  Jérôme Salomon said coronavirus-linked fatalities were up 2.8%, at 20,265, after an increase of 2.0% on Sunday.

France's virus daily death toll slows - hospital tally is now 5,889

The health ministry data showed that 357 people died from COVID-19 in hospitals, compared with 441 in the previous 24 hours, taking the total toll in hospitals to 5,889.

Proof of French government's lies over shortages of protective masks

President Emmanuel Macron during a visit to a Covid-19 field hospital at Mulhouse in eastern France on March 25th 2020. © AFP President Emmanuel Macron during a visit to a Covid-19 field hospital at Mulhouse in eastern France on March 25th 2020. © AFP

An investigation by Mediapart has revealed the chaotic management at the highest levels of the French state over the crucial issue of providing protective masks to help tackle the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. Our probe, which has analysed the situation since January and is based on numerous witness accounts and documentary evidence, highlights the hidden shortages, the unreliable health instructions, the neglected offers of help with importing masks, the continuing shortage of stocks and the way that some companies have been favoured. It also reveals the lies that have accompanied this mismanagement. Meanwhile hundreds of nurses have become infected with the virus. Yann Philippin, Antton Rouget and Marine Turchi report.

France virus death toll rises by 499 to 3,523

There are now 22,757 people hospitalised in France with COVID-19, with 5,565 of them in intensive care

France sees worst daily death toll as 418 die taking total to 3,024

Health agency director Jérôme Salomon told a news conference that the number of cases had risen to 44,550, a rise of 11% in 24 hours.

France reports 231 more virus deaths, taking total to 1,331

French officials said that the overall number of coronavirus cases had risen to 25,233, a rise of about 13% in 24 hours.

French death toll 'much higher' than official data says hospital chief

Frédéric Valletoux, president of the French Hospitals Federation, said  official numbers do not take account of deaths in retirement homes as well as some people who die at home.

Coronavirus death toll in France rises to 16 with 949 cases in all

Jérôme Salomon, the head of France’s public health service, said 45 people have been hospitalised in intensive care, six more than when the last summary was issued Friday.

Number of Coronavirus deaths in France reaches 7

The number of confirmed infections rose by 138 to 423, a French health official said on Thursday.

Virus outbreak spreads in France with 20 new cases

The jump in figures prompted concern as French president Emmanuel Macron warned that the country was bracing for an epidemic.

Second Coronavirus death in France

The 60-year-old teacher has become the first French victim of the coronavirus in the country; the first death was that of a Chinese tourist.