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French Queen Marie-Antoinette's jewels up for auction

Jewels which belonged to France's Austrian-born queen Marie-Antoinette, wife of Louis XVI who was guillotined in 1793 following the French Revolution at the age of 37, are to go to auction in Geneva on Thursday, with one pendant valued at 2 million dollars, all part of a major collection of jewellery being sold by Italy's royal Bourbon-Parma house.

Gunman holds up Chopard jewellery store facing French presidency

The thief got away with 1 million euros worth of jewels and watches despite increased security around Elysée Palace after November attacks.

Officials up value of French Riviera jewellery heist to 102 million euros

A lone gunman reportedly carried out the theft at a jewellery show at the Cannes Carlton hotel, backdrop to the Hitchcock movie 'To Catch a Thief'.