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French forces in Mail arrest 'high-ranking' jihadist

Dadi Ould Chouaib, also known as Abou Dardar, was arrested on June 11 in the flashpoint "tri-border" region between Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso.

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French forces 'neutralise' leading jihadist in Mali

France’s Barkhane force 'neutralised' Bah ag Moussa on Tuesday in an operation involving ground troops and helicopters, defence minister Parly said in a statement on Friday.

French jihadist goes on trial over IS group executions in Syria

Tyler Vilus, 30, is facing charges of belonging to a terrorist group, heading a unit of IS group fighters and "aggravated murder" between 2013 and 2015.

French court sentences mother of jihadist for financing terrorism

Nathalie Haddadi was sentenced to two years in prison for 'financing terrorism' because she sent her jihadist son money.

The jihadist network on the French island of La Réunion


For a long time French overseas territories have been spared armed jihadism and the phenomenon of young people heading off for the war zones of Syria and Iraq. But the recent trial in Paris of a young man from La Réunion in the Indian Ocean for a conspiracy to carry out a terrorist act has changed that. The conviction of Naïl Varatchia also challenges the widely-perceived idea that the Muslim community on the island is an example of tolerance. Julien Sartre reports.

Social media debate after jihadist live streamed attack on couple

Larossi Abballa posted on Facebook a live 13-minute video of himself in the home of his dead victims' with their three-year-old son who he had hostage.

France prepares tribute to Charlie Hebdo and Jewish shop victims

Heavy security is planned for ceremonies honouring the 17 victims of the shootings that took place in Paris from January 7th to 9th, 2015.

Man arrested over plot to attack Toulon navy base

French interior minister says a 25-year-old, under surveillance, was arrested last month over plan to attack major French Mediterranean naval base.

French jihadist who held Western hostages in Syria named

Salim Benghalem, 35, said to be one of captors who held four French reporters, who were freed in April 2014 after 10 months in captivity.

Islamic State 'ordered plot to behead French naval officer'

The Paris public prosecutor said one of three men arrested this week for plan to attack a French naval base admitted receiving orders from Syria.

Ageing French 'jihadist' stands trial in Paris

Gilles Le Guen, 60, faces ten years in jail for allegedly collaborating with Al-Qaeda’s branch in Mali, where he was captured in 2013.

France detains six from suspected jihadi network

The suspects from Toulouse and Albi are believed to have handled questionable money transfers and recruited candidates to wage jihad.

'My iPod is broken. I want to come back' writes French jihadist

Another jihadist complains that 'they make me do all the washing' as grim reality of life in Syria sinks in for young French Islamist recruits.

Second French jihadist identified on Islamic State video

The man, who features in the film showing IS militants beheading hostages, has been named as Islamic convert Michael Dos Santos, 22.

French jihadist jailed for seven years

South Korean-born Flavien Moreau was the first French national to receive a jail term for joining jihadist fighters in Syria.