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France launches video campaign to deter would-be jihadis

Stark message tells viewers that rather than 'defending a just cause' jihadists will 'discover hell on earth and will die alone far from home'.

Former French soldiers join jihadists in Syria

French defence minsistry admits explosive experts, former French Foreign Legion troops and elite Parachute Brigade have joined jihadist forces.

French police arrest ten in raids on suspected jihadist recruitment network

The arrests for 'conspiracy to prepare acts of terrorism' focussed on a network allegedly based in the south-west city of Toulouse.

Was French hostage swapped for detained jihadists?

Disquiet in Mali that French hostage Serge Lazarevic was freed in exchange for release of a notorious Malian 'terrorist'.

New IS video shows French jihadists calling for attacks in France

The seven-minute film shows several men, faces visible, tossing their passports onto a bonfire and encouraging terror attacks in France.

French 'jihadists' sent home from Turkey under investigation for terror plot

The three men, extradited from Turkey, include the brother-in-law of Toulouse gunman Mohamed Merah who murdered seven people in 2012.

France vows to continue fighting IS despite hostage crisis

The French Prime Minister said French action against IS will go on despite Algerian Islamist group's threat to kill a French hostage.

Six arrested in France for female jihadi recruitment

Two minors were among those arrested near Lyon on suspicion of recruiting young women to fight in Syria.

French ex-recruit reveals Islamist indoctrination methods

Young Frenchman says jihadists use online method showing shocking images that paint the Western world as degenerate and corrupt.

Saudi crown prince in Paris for talks on Lebanon arms deal

Salman bin Abdul-Aziz and President François Hollande will discuss a Saudi-financed French weapons deal to help counter jihadist threat.

France to clamp down on would-be jihadists with new law

Proposed bill includes ban on foreign travel for individuals suspected of being radicalised, plus powers to confiscate their passports.

France deports Tunisian accused of recruiting jihadists

The French interior ministry said that the 28-year-old Tunisian played 'a key role' in the recruitment of young jihadists in the Grenoble area.

European security services 'overwhelmed' by return of Syrian jihadists

Interpellation par la DGSI et le raid de sept jeunes strasbouregois de retrou de Syrie le 13 mai 2014 à la Meinau © Reuters Interpellation par la DGSI et le raid de sept jeunes strasbouregois de retrou de Syrie le 13 mai 2014 à la Meinau © Reuters

The recent arrest of a French citizen accused of a murderous attack at a Jewish museum in Belgium has highlighted the growing problem of jihadists returning from Syria to wage war in their own countries. More than 2,000 European citizens, including 630 French residents, have gone to fight against the Assad regime since 2011, according to recent figures. And some, at least, of those who return come back intending to use their combat training to carry out terrorists attacks at home. As Louise Fessard reports, the numbers involved are so great that European security forces, including those in France, are struggling to cope.

French police arrest 6 suspected Syria jihadists

French interior minister says the six arrested in Strasbourg are suspected of participating in a jihadist network, and recently traveled to Syria.

Jihadists return to northern Mali a year after French intervention

Concern as Islamist groups targeted by France's Operation Serval appear to be regaining footholds despite presence of 6,000 UN troops.