Joan of Arc

A secular voyage of discovery with a young Joan of Arc

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In his latest book 'Johanne', novelist Marc Graciano describes the long journey made by French heroine Joan of Arc in 1429 between Vaucouleurs in the north-east of the country to Chinon in the west when she was aged around 17. Little is known about events during this trip, and the French author uses the journey to conjure up a wonderful secular approach to the world, one that emerges from the meetings the young woman has along the way. This book confirms Graciano as a great writer about journeys and mystery, in a novel which poses the question as to what can still be sacred in a world without god. Sébastien Omont assesses the work.

French far-right trolls attack mixed-race Joan of Arc model

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Mathilde Edey Gamassou, 17, whose parents are from Poland and Benin, was chosen to represent Joan of Arc in the French town of Orléan's celebrations this year to honour France's historic icon who was a symbol of the resistance that broke the siege of the town by English invaders, but social media trolls from the far-right, which has adopted Joan as a figurehead, have launched a vitriolic campaign against the non-white teenager. 

Joan of Arc ring returns to France after auction sale

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The ring, given by Joan of Arc to an English cardinal before her execution in 1431, was bought by the Puy du Fou foundation for £300,000.

Topless protesters disrupt Marine Le Pen's May Day speech

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Activists interrupted French far-right leader’s address displaying slogans including 'Heil Le Pen' and 'Stop Fascism' on their breasts.

Joan of Arc mania rides into Orleans

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The town of Orléans is hosting a fortnight of festivities to mark the 600th birthday of one of France's most famous cultural icons, Joan of Arc.

Sarkozy joins in 600-year struggle for Joan of Arc's soul

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President Nicolas Sarkozy attempts to wrestle French national heroine Joan of Arc from her role as a foreigner-bashing symbol of the French Far Right.