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Nokia to axe almost 600 jobs in France

The Finnish telecoms firm has announced that it is to shed 597 jobs in France, representing more than 10 percent of its workforce in the country, as part of a plan to stem financial losses.

Peugeot-Citroën to shed more than 2,000 jobs in France in 2017

Leaked internal documents cited by French radio indicate the French carmaking giant, which has recovered from near bankruptcy in 2013, is planning to shed 2,133 jobs through voluntary agreements because of uncertainty over Brexit and falling sales of diesel vehicles.

Air France softens redundancy plan in exchange for deal with unions

Job cuts in 2016 will be voluntary and heavier job losses in 2017 will be avoided if unions agree alternative savings measures, says airline CEO.

Peugeot job loss plan could affect 4% of its workforce

The troubled French carmaker has drawn up plans to shed up to 3,450 jobs in France next year through reassignements and early retirement.

France set to axe 24,000 jobs from the military in savings drive

The job cuts are due by 2019 and follow the shedding, ordered five years ago, of another 55,000, while defence policy broadly remains unchanged.

Goodyear to close major plant in Amiens

US tyre maker Goodyear is to close a loss-making plant in northern France, which employs 1,173 workers, following a long conflict with unions.

France to bailout Peugeot Citroën with deal to reduce job cuts

The French government plans a 7 billion-euro credit for PSA Peugeot Citroën, conditional to increased state board represention and fewer job losses.