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Unemployment in France hit new record in December

Official figures show that at the end of 2014 some 3.496 million people were claiming jobless benefits in France.

Dutch arm of Air France-KLM 'to shed 7,500 jobs'

Press reports say KLM is struggling with 4.4 billion euros in outstanding debt, while the airline's French arm recovers from a costly pilots' strike.

French immigrants find Canada the land of opportunity

Since the economic meltdown six years ago French immigration to Canada has exploded, with 34,619 new residents between 2008 and 2012.

Leading French unions boycott job creation summit

Two unions said they will shun crucial talks scheduled for Tuesday, accusing President Hollande of siding with employers over job creation plans.

Labour row clouds French job-creation summit

Unions have threatened boycott of the talks on job creation, accusing government of failing to make employers keep their end of the bargain.

France's Hollande misses 2013 jobs goal

Jobless total rose 0.3% in December to record high meaning president failed to deliver his promise to reverse unemployment trend in 2013.

France’s Hollande offers tax-cutting ‘pact’ to companies

In his New Year message to the nation, French president unveils plans for new agreement with employers in bid to reduce jobless total.

Alcatel-Lucent to cut 10,000 jobs

Unions pledge action after Franco-American telecommunications manufacturer says 900 of the jobs to be axed will be in France.

France blames 'malfunction' for jobs figures

Ministers say much of the surprise fall in the jobless total in August was caused by a 'malfunction' in service provided by mobile phone operator.

Air France plans to cut 2,800 more jobs

The airline’s chief executive Frédéric Gagey blamed the cuts, to be carried out by the end of 2014, on 'weak demand'.

The battle in Burgundy to save a forested land from a job-promising plant

By Anne Duvivier
Coupe à blanc d'une parcelle © Philippe Maillard Coupe à blanc d'une parcelle © Philippe Maillard

In a struggling rural region of Burgundy, at the gates of the Morvan national park, locals have mounted a campaign to halt a private company from creating a vast wood-processing industrial site which would bring hundreds of jobs to the area. Local politicians support the project as offering a much-needed boost to the flagging local economy, while its opponents argue the environmental cost for a short-term gain is unacceptable. The future of the site now hangs on a ruling due from France’s highest court, the Council of State. “What’s being played out here is truly a debate about society,” says Christian Paul, socialist Member of Parliament for the region and one of the project’s supporters. Anne Duvivier reports.

More young French adults emigrating

Number of young French adults going abroad has swelled 14 percent in the past four years, according to government figures reported in Le Figaro.

Renault aims to cut 7,500 posts in France

Cuts representing 14 per cent of French Renault staff designed to help boost competitiveness as slump in domestic and European market continues.

How a moribund steel region has found a lifeline – and jobs – in Luxembourg

A Hayange. © (dr) A Hayange. © (dr)

Town after town looks on in horror and dismay as the furnaces close down in the Fensch Valley in Lorraine in north-east France. The only lifeline left to the locals is the nearby Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in the shape of its banks and its factories. Nearly 80,000 workers from the Lorraine region now make the daily commute to tap the growth and higher pay on the other side of the border. Rachida El Azzouzi reports.

ArcelorMittal confirms French furnace closures

Company says it will permanently close two mothballed furnaces, enraging workers who blocked access to the steel plant and management offices.