French police face disciplinary action over wife burned to death

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Several French police officers, including a commissioner, two commanders and a brigadier, face being disciplined over a “series of failures” in the case of a woman who had filed a complaint for violence against her husband who is accused of later shooting her in the street and then setting her on fire with petrol. 

French mother shot and set on fire in street by husband

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A 31-year-old French mother died after she was shot in the legs and set on fire in a street near Bordeaux by her estranged husband who was arrested by police soon after the attack.  

French far-right thugs jailed for killing teenage anti-fascist activist

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A Paris court handed two men jail sentences for their part in the killing of student Clément Méric, 18, during a brawl between far-right skinheads and anti-fascist militants in Paris in 2013, and which led to the banning of a number of far-right groups.

French Muslims join Mass in show of unity after priest's murder

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Answering a call by religious leaders for the display of solidarity after the killing of a priest by Islamist teenagers, groups of Muslims joined Sunday Mass ceremonies.

Second Normandy church attacker 'named'

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The suspected identity of the man who joined Adel Kermiche in the murderous attack on a Normandy church was found in Kermiche's home.

French students held over woman's murder 'inspired by US TV series'

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Three men and a woman were arrested after the dismembered body of a 23-year-old student was found in a plastic container filled with acid.

French farmer on trial for killing 'truffle thief'

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Laurent Rambaud, 37, says he felt threatened when he came across a man while guarding his farm in south-eastern France in 2010.